About us

Welcoming travelers is an idea that has matured over the years, then turned into a project and finally into the Buonfiglio Cicconcelli accommodation facility.

The passion for travel and the love for our territory did the rest. We have included everything we have searched for and sometimes found in our travels: welcome, hospitality, cleanliness, comfort, beauty …

Realizing this project certainly required a greater commitment than expected, but we went ahead anyway. The desire to start a new working life, detached from certain weary rhythms, gave us the strength to face many difficulties. It is a new beginning.

We searched and found the right apartment. It had to be in the historic center of Frascati and have an outdoor space.

To reach our rooms you need to climb seventy steps. We are on the third floor, without a lift because the building is ancient, but upon reaching the goal you will find our terrace with a magnificent panorama. We chose this apartment to offer guests / travelers something more than a comfortable and beautiful room. We wanted to offer an emotion.

The apartment has also been completely renovated and customized in an essential and colorful style, to give guests the opportunity to have the most pleasant stay possible. Because away from home they can find the warmth of a home even if different from theirs.

Maddalena & Stefano